Create New Listing


1. Sign-in into your account using your email and password or using your Facebook account


2. Click "Create New Listing"


3. Choose the Directory Listing Package Type


4. Select by clicking "LIST NOW"


5. Complete the listing details


6. Description
Write a short description about your company, services and products.
Do not include Phone Number.


7. Upload your Listing Logo / Main Image



8. Click "Browse…" to find the image file on your computer. Then click "Upload Image"


9. Select the suitable category for your listing. Click ADD to select.

 NOTE: If you can't find your desired category, you may suggest a category by clicking the "Suggest New Category"


10. Enter your company address. Do not use all uppercase / capital letters. Then click the "Generate Google Map" button


11. Enter your main contact number and other additional information.


12. Finally, click "Create listing". For Paid packages, an invoice will be emailed after listing creation.